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2015 Submissions

Pump That Joy Techno Song
Space Jet 1107 (Slow Mix) Video Game Song
Space Jet 1107 Video Game Song
Sunset Jealousy Video Game Song

2012 Submissions

Indigo Bop Techno Song

2011 Submissions

Noir Rave Techno Song
Gravity Groove Techno Song
Shadowrun Title Screen Video Game Song
Shadowrun Funk Video Game Song
Morning Sun Adventures Miscellaneous Song
Villains and Heroes Techno Song

2009 Submissions

Beyond the Star Trance Song
The Record Player Techno Song
Guitar Riffing Grunge Song

2007 Submissions

Jackal's Lantern Video Game Song
Night Terrors Goth Song
The Mad Woman Techno Song
The Wendigo Ambient Song
Halloweeners Techno Song
Glow City Ambient Song